Quit Biting Your Nails - Nine Minutes Three Steps

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Published: 09th April 2008
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Quit Biting Your Nails - Nine Minutes Three Steps

Just imagine yourself going into a function or a party or even a presentation ceremony and you start biting your nails. Wouldn't you feel embarrassed? Don't you think that people may be commenting on you about your habit of biting nails? Do you really think you should stop biting your nails? If yes then this article is meant for you.
Most of the kids have a habit of nail biting and that habit may not seem anything to give importance to at that age. Some of those kids having the habit of biting nails may continue the same habit in the future.
Ill effects of Nail Biting: Nail biting has a major ill effect on the character of that particular person as the people who are habituated of biting nails may seem to be inferior and also seem to be tensed to other people. The people biting nails may seem of low self esteem and may also seem to be low in confidence levels.
Ways to stop biting nails: There are many different ways to end the habit of biting nails. Most of the people may suggest many kinds of treatment or activities to follow to put an end to this habit of biting nails. Lets see what few people who are been troubled by this habit have to say about it:
Mr.George from Australia is saying this about his habit "I am a Sales executive and while making certain deals, feel a bit tensed and I start biting nails and all that happen without my knowledge. This used to leave a bad impression to my client. I have consulted a doctor and he suggested me that I have low calcium and if I take calcium tablets I can get rid of this habit. I did so and it really worked for me. I was able to quit this habit in just one and half year."
Mr John from Alabama is saying this about his habit "I am teacher and while giving the lesson if any of my students ask me some ridiculous doubts I feel tensed and start biting nails which is leaving a negative impression about me among my students. I said this to a friend of mine and he adviced me to go for meditation classes and it worked for me. Now after one year I am free from this habit of biting nails".
Mr. Jonathan says about his nail biting habit as "this habit has almost ruined my life. I have this habit of biting nails from my childhood and one day while I was driving on the road suddenly I was biting my nails and I met with an accident. I had some minor injuries and while I was in the hospital the doctor has suggested me to use any nail biting cure and I used one such kind and I could end this habit in just 9 minutes. It is unbelievable isn't it just in 9 MINUTES. I would strongly recommend anyone feeling to quit this habit to visit this site http://www.quitnailbiting.com/freereport.htm?hop=injetys ."

So we have seen what these three people have done to get rid of their habits. Now its up to you to decide upon to which method to follow.
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